Bumper Repair


Bumper Repair

When a car is involved in a collision, the bumpers are often the first element of the vehicle to absorb impact. That is why it is essential to provide professional , safe bumper repair. At Custom Century Coach, we utilize both the latest equipment and, more importantly, the most qualified body technicians to ensure that the work is completed perfectly.

Century Custom Coach’s expert technicians will thoroughly repair and recondition each bumper to eliminate dents, scratches, scrapes, and indentations. Most plastic bumper components, particularly bumper covers and skirts, which brake most often, can be repaired. Additionally, our technicians will be able to use color matched paint effectively and precisely as a result of preserving your bumper instead of buying a replacement.

Common Bumper Repairs and Services We Provide

  • Front Bumper Replacement
  • Bumper Replacement
  • Plastic Bumper Repair
  • Bumper Scratch Repair
  • Fix Cracked Bumper
  • Bumper Dent Repair
  • Chrome Bumper Repair
  • And Many More!

Trust Our Services

Our goal is to get the job done correctly the first time. A 60-second phone call to our West Los Angeles location might be the difference between a lifetime repair and a temporary fix. 

At Custom Century Coach, we are devoted to delivering unrivaled service and extreme attention to detail, just as we have done as a locally-owned company servicing West Los Angeles and Greater Metro regions for over 35 years. Our courteous, knowledgeable team consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations.`


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