Dent Removal and Repair


Dent Removal and Repair

Look no further if you’re looking for a professional and dependable dent repair service in West Los Angeles. We provide specialized dent removal and  repair services at competitive rates. Unlike many other autobody shops, we prioritize repairs over costly and needless replacements. Our skilled technicians will do a full examination of your car to find any problems, explain what needs to be done, and get you back on the road in no time. Contact us for a dent repair quote! 

Does Your Car Need A Dent Repaired?

Traditional dent repair is necessary when the sheet metal of your car has been bent as a result of a collision. Our skilled professionals use special equipment to remove the dent until all metal is perfectly smooth.

Once our technicians have produced a flawless, restored surface, a computerized paint-matching system accurately matches new paint to the original finish of your car.

Dents are our specialty. Bring your car into our Century Custom Coach and we’ll have you back on the road in no time with your vehicle looking good as new.

Common Dent Repairs and Services We Provide

We provide comprehensive dent removal and paint (if necessary) for all makes and models.
    • Door Dent Removal
    • Hood Dent Repair
    • Fender Dent Removal
    • Bumper Dent Repair

Trust Our Services

At Custom Century Coach, we are devoted to delivering unrivaled service and extreme attention to detail.

Our courteous, knowledgeable team consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations just as we have done for over 35 years.


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